About NCPS

Welcome to Navitas College of Public Safety (NCPS).

At NCPS we pride ourselves on producing graduates that make the world a safer place. We do this through providing a relevant, innovative and excellent educational program that empowers students and prepares them for work in the criminal justice system.

Our team of experienced academics and industry professionals come from a diverse range of backgrounds and are committed to delivering an educational experience that is engaging, exciting and includes the latest workplace practices. The College has a culture of openness, enquiry and respect where the close relationship between staff and student is key.

NCPS has a specialised learning environment with like-minded students studying towards a common goal. Whether you are looking to go onto a career in law enforcement, the legal system or corrections, our aim is to prepare you for a diverse and ever changing world.

Our trimester structure gives you a head start with your career by allowing you to complete a three year degree in just two years. So whether you are looking to enhance your current professional capabilities or you are just beginning your journey to a career in criminal justice; our degree will place you on the right path.

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