Units and Course Structure

Units and Course Structure

When you study the Bachelor of Criminology and Justice at NCPS you will undertake units across a variety of fields, including criminology, law, psychology and sociology.

Your study will involve an investigation of the key branches of criminal justice systems, including law enforcement, courts and corrections, as well as broader areas, such as the sociology of law, substance use, youth justice and transnational crime.

You will also get the opportunity to produce an independent piece of research, as well as participate in work placement.


NCPS Areas of Study


You can view a detailed outline of the entire course, including learning outcomes, unit content and assessment criteria in the 2017 Course Handbook.

NCPS Course Handbook 2017
Click here to view the 2017 handbook.


Course Sequence

To attain the Bachelor of Criminology and Justice you are required to complete 24 units (18 cores and 6 electives). 
The degree is completed full-time over a two-year period that involves six trimesters. Part-time and online study options are also available.

Bachelor of Criminology and Justice (BCJ) – Sequencing and Structure

Bachelor of Criminology and Justice (BCJ)Course Sequence

1 - Formerly LSPS1004
2 - Formerly JALE2014
3 - Formerly EMSP3004
New codes take effect T3 2015