Graduation Ceremony

NCPS graduation ceremony is held in May and you are required to arrive and register prior to the commencement of the ceremony. You will be sent information including arrival times closer to the ceremony.

2017 Graduation

May Ceremony Dates

  • Melbourne Graduation ceremony: Friday 5 May 2017

If you are attending the ceremony, please see further details below for what to expect on your graduation day.

If you are graduating in absentia (not attending) you will be sent your award by registered mail once the award is conferred at the ceremony.

On the day

What happens during the Graduation Ceremony?

Prior to the commencement of the ceremony
On the day of the ceremony you will need to register when you arrive at the venue.

You will then need to dress in the gown and colours of your school and your award. You will be asked to move into the graduation hall prior to the official commencement of the ceremony where ceremony staff will provide a briefing to all graduands.

Please follow the directions of the staff at all times. If you have any questions please ask the ceremony staff for assistance. 

After the briefing, family, friends and guests will then be asked to enter the hall and be seated.

At the commencement of the ceremony
Graduands and guests are asked to stand while the Academic Procession enters the Hall.

The ceremony starts with a welcome to country followed by the Principle’s address.

Presentation of graduands and conferral of Academic Awards
The usual protocols to be followed for the conferrals of award are:

  • The Head of School will ask the graduands of the respective school to stand.
  • The Head of School recommends these graduands both present and in absentia to the Dean for conferral of their respective awards.
  • The Dean will confer the awards on behalf of the College Council.
  • The Head of School presents the graduates one by one as they walk across the stage to the Dean who presents the award to the graduate.

Please remember your photo will be taken when you are shaking hands with the Dean.

  • Gently shake the Dean’s hand with your right hand (unless your cultural or religious traditions prevent you from touching an un-related male);
  • Take your award in your left hand;
  • Move offstage as instructed at the briefing;
  • Once offstage, follow the directions of the ceremony staff to return to your seat (usually via the centre aisle of the hall).

College awards and scholarships and the Occasional Address
After the awards are conferred, College awards and scholarships are presented. Then a graduate will be asked to address the assembly.

The Master of Ceremonies will then invite the Guest Speaker to present their Occasional Address.

When the Guest Speaker concludes, the Master of Ceremonies will ask the graduates and guests to stand for the departure of the Academic Procession. The graduates will also be asked to join the Academic Procession as it leaves the hall. This is the conclusion of the ceremony.