Key Contacts

Help is available for academic or personal issues you may encounter during your studies. The information below outlines the best contact for each situation.

I need to talk to someone about my student record

Student Administration
Tel: 03 8327 2600 Email:

I need some help with Academic Writing

Ed Irons Lecturer - Student Support & Placements Coordinator
Tel: 03 8327 2624  Email:

I need some advice about my course/study plan

Matthew Thurgood Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator
Tel: 03 8327 2635 Email:

I need some personal support

Margaret Golder Student Support Counsellor
Tel: (03) 8613 0630 Email:

I am an international student studying on a student visa

Renata Tereshchenko, International Student Admissions Coordinator
Tel: (02) 8236 8098 Email:

Briony Durbridge, International Student Contact Officer
Tel: (03) 8613 0606 Email:  

Celina Baude, Registrar