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Understanding your Commonwealth Assistance Notice

  • What is a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)?
  • What information is on my CAN?
  • How do I obtain/view my eCAN?
  • What if my CAN is incorrect?
  • Further information

1)       What is a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)?

A CAN is a statement of your enrolment and a record of your use of Commonwealth assistance for a study period. The CAN includes important information about your enrolment, any HELP debt you have incurred or student contribution amounts you have paid, and any loan fee you may have incurred.

It is important to note the CAN is a statement, not an invoice or a request for payment.

Under Commonwealth legislation, all higher education providers must issue a CAN to all Commonwealth assisted students within 28 days of the census date of a given study period. All students who are enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place (HECS), and/or accessing the Government Loan Scheme FEE- HELP, will have an eCAN generated for each census date which they have an enrolment.

2)       What information is on my CAN?

If you have applied for FEE-HELP, your CAN will include information on: 

  • the tuition fees for your units of study
  • the units for which you have received FEE-HELP
  • any up-front payments you have made
  • any FEE-HELP loan fee incurred for undergraduate units of study; and

3)       How do I obtain/view my eCAN? 

  • Go to Student Portal
  • Click on My Statements tab
  • Under Commonwealth Assistance Notice column, you can click on open tab for the relevant Term to display the eCAN Statement
  • Your eCAN will now open as a PDF Format 

4)       What if my CAN is incorrect?

It is important you check the information stated on your eCAN is correct.

You should check the details of your eCAN carefully to ensure:

  • The amounts you have been charged are correct
  • Any units from which you have been withdrawn on or before the census date have not been included in the eCAN

If you notice any errors on your CAN, you have to submit a written request to the College, for an immediate correction.

Urgent Requests – click here

Please note: if you notice your name and/or address details are incorrect please make the appropriate changes in student portal via student portal/ MY personal Details 

All students, should save or print all eCANs for their own future records

5)       Further information

For further information please call 1800 783 661 or email