“I didn’t know about NCPS when I finished VCE, otherwise I would have gone straight from school, as I knew I wanted to do something in legal but I didn’t get the marks in my VCE.”

Since leaving school in 2009, working in a role involving the law had remained a persistent interest for Alicia Carr, who eventually switched from studying nursing at university, to follow her passion for the legal field.

Two short courses kicked off Alicia’s change of direction, followed by enrolment at NCPS. The fit of to her career goal was so good that Alicia spent a year of her two-year Criminology and Justice course as a Student Ambassador.

“After 12 months studying nursing, I stopped and completed my Certificate 2 and 3 in Business Administration. I was searching for jobs in legal administration or legal secretary work, when I came across NCPS, online. I wish I had known about NCPS when I was at school, as I would have applied to attend straight after VCE,” said Alicia.

As a Year 12 student in 2009, Alicia’s talent for Legal Studies had earned her an award in the subject. But while law remained a career interest, her early studies and work took her in unrelated directions at first, including a job managing equestrian stables.

“When I found out about NCPS, I went to the college open day and knew it was where I wanted to study,” said Alicia.

“I really loved that every application is assessed individually and they take a personal look at everything.”

The skills she gained at NCPS provided Alicia with the research experience and legal knowledge that was essential to landing her first role at Melbourne compensation law firm, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, as a pre-claims assistant.

Recently promoted to claims assistant at the same firm, Alicia now works alongside a law clerk, assisting clients who are suffering injuries or illnesses. The job involves helping people navigate the complexities of superannuation claims, daily contact with superannuation fund companies, reviewing clients’ policies and composing the specialised correspondence unique to the fields of law and insurance.

As well as providing a good start within her preferred profession, Alicia’s Bachelor of Criminology and Justice qualification has created exciting options for her future, such as in the litigation field, or as a paralegal.

“Studying at NCPS gave me the opportunity to go along the career path I wanted to pursue. Because I didn’t get the score I hoped for in VCE, I was kind of stuck in finding exactly what I wanted to do. NCPS gave me the chance to get into it and begin my career.”

Alicia’s study snapshot

What are some highlights from your time at NCPS?

  • Going to expos as a Student Ambassador to promote NCPS was great
  • My work experience at Ringwood magistrate’s court
  • The classes in general because the teachers knew everyone’s names and it was much different to a big university

What were some of the challenges you overcame during your studies?

  • Going back to reading textbooks, writing essays and reports, and being in a classroom
  • I live two hours out of Melbourne, so commuting was difficult some days, but the flexibility of classes was great

What would you say to others thinking of studying at NCPS?

It’s fantastic. That’s why I wanted to be a Student Ambassador. It gives you a great opportunity to get into the career you want and makes you aware that there are other options available. Small class sizes mean the teachers know the students’ names. Having studied at Swinburne – the two environments were completely different and I definitely preferred Navitas.