“Studying at NCPS has definitely given me a boost for my career and helped me feel a sense of achievement.”

Beulah began studying for her Bachelor of Criminology and Justice immediately after finishing Year 12. She is using the qualification to articulate into further legal studies, starting with the Juris Doctor at RMIT.

Determined for a future working in a courtroom environment, Beulah chose NCPS for its quick and efficient pathway to advanced study in the legal field, and for the selection of practical ways the course could help her reach her career ambitions.

A highlight of Beulah’s two years at NCPS was the personal support she received from her teachers, made possible by the small class sizes in comparison to larger and more impersonal university settings.

“The lecturers at NCPS are very understanding. They’re hands-on and give one-on-one advice to help students through the course. They don’t just deliver the subjects, they actually get involved,” said Beulah.

While she continues her studies outside of NCPS, Beulah has been able to put the accomplishments from her Criminology and Justice psychology units to good use. In her job as a personal care worker at an aged care facility, Beulah’s role involves personal care in challenging circumstances, including providing consolation and understanding, in cases of sickness and death.

“Studying at NCPS has definitely helped me improve my problem-solving skills, because in my current job I am counselling residents on a daily basis,” she said.

As far as enhancing her future career prospects, Beulah is now on her way to achieving the goals she set as a high school student.

“Studying at NCPS has definitely given me a boost for my career and helped me feel a sense of achievement,” she said.

Beulah’s study snapshot

What are some highlights from your time at NCPS?

  • My placements were great experiences – I went to the infringements department, where I worked with the sheriff and registrars; I also had placement with lawyers and got to go to the magistrate’s court
  • The law related subjects – criminal law and legal process 

What were some of the challenges you overcame during your studies?

You’re expected to do more work in your own time, and the study load is higher than in Year 12.

What would you say to others thinking of studying at NCPS?

It’s definitely a good platform for those who want to study further and better than going straight to university. NCPS is based on student needs – it’s not just curriculum-driven.