Laura Sibrava

During year 12, Laura Sibrava had a plan to become a police officer. She was ready to take the first steps toward her goal after completing her VCE and enrolled in a Bachelor of Criminology and Justice with Navitas College of Public Safety (NCPS). Toward the end of her studies, something changed.

“I always wanted to be a police officer. I wanted a degree before joining, so I decided on criminal justice,” said Laura.

“I chose NCPS because I could finish my degree in two years. The smaller class sizes were another benefit, because it allowed the teachers to get to know you and you to know them.”

Laura’s interests changed when she started studying the legal units.

“I took a wide range of subjects relating to criminal justice but I found I really enjoyed the law subjects,” she said.

“This led me down the path of going on to study law instead of joining the police force.”

It was placement that sealed Laura’s decision to use her NCPS qualification as a pathway to Law.

“I undertook work placement at a criminal law firm as well as at my local police station. I absolutely loved my time there, where I was given the opportunity to shadow a number of lawyers,” said Laura.

Now in her final year of a postgraduate law degree, Laura recalled the challenge of being a school-leaver switching to tertiary studies.

“As I came straight from year 12 to NCPS it was difficult to get a grasp on the type of essay writing expected at a university level compared to high school. I remember this being a point of discussion in one of my first classes. The teacher was fantastic and talked us through what was required, step by step,” she said.

“After graduation in 2014 I took a six month break before starting my law degree at university. I have never looked back from this decision and credit NCPS and its teachers for helping to guide my pathway to where I am now.”