“When I left school I thought I shouldn’t be doing uni, but NCPS made me value myself a lot more.”

Leonardo Catovic explored the idea of a career in accounting, banking or finance, before an NCPS information session sparked his interest in Criminology and Justice. Now a qualified dispute resolutions lawyer, Leonardo still considers his earliest studies as having significance to his present role.

“The main skills I use now are those I gained through my law studies. However, part of what got me through my law studies were the analytical skills I got at NCPS, which I didn’t have before I started,” he said.

Like other NCPS graduates, Leonardo credits his positive personal development to the mentoring style of the college. He says it was the teachers’ support that encouraged him to choose a law career, which was a goal he would never have considered without their nurturing guidance.

“I started off wanting to join the police force and now I’m a lawyer. I didn’t think I was good enough to be in such a high field, but some of the classes and their lecturers broadened my horizons and led me to pursue law,” said Leonardo.

Leonardo found the coursework compelling because of his teachers’ hands-on backgrounds in the criminology and justice workforce, which gave authenticity to the way they presented each unit’s contents.

“I liked that they all had professional experience and could tell personal stories that weren’t just from a textbook, or a Powerpoint presentation. They were all committed to the subjects and had worked in the field for some time. I think information sticks in your head more when it’s personal,” said Leonardo.