Online Study

At NCPS, you can study on campus, online or both (mixed-mode). Regardless of the mode of delivery, our units use the same curriculum and trimester structure.

The online class space

Online class spaces are provided to enable students to connect with each other and their teacher through tools such as discussion forums and virtual classrooms. Virtual classrooms are where online classes at NCPS are held rather than physical class spaces. This allows students to study off campus, in locations convenient to them.  All materials are available in the online class space including; readings and written content, lecture recordings and presentations, activities and instructions.
Studying online offers flexibility and is best suited to students who are self-motivated and/or are unable to attend on campus classes on a regular basis.  Choosing to study online requires strong motivation, good organisational skills and commitment to study.  Just like a real class, you are grouped with other students and a dedicated tutor/lecturer for each unit, but you have the opportunity to study without having to physically attend a nominated campus, providing a greater amount of flexibility.

Attending Tutorials

Students studying online have the same attendance requirements as those studying on campus, and are required to attend a minimum of 75% (9 of 12) of tutorials.  Tutorials are generally scheduled outside normal business hours to fit in with work or family commitments.  Click here to view the latest online timetable.

Attending Lectures

Online students are not required to attend a virtual lecture in real time; rather, lectures are uploaded and can be viewed at a time that best suits the student.  However, students should keep up to date with lectures to avoid falling behind and where possible listen to the lecture recording prior to attending the tutorial. 


Students undertaking units online complete the same assessments as students studying on campus.  Essays and other written tasks are submitted electronically via drop-boxes in online class spaces, whilst oral presentations are conducted in the virtual classroom.  Exams need to be completed under supervision; those living in Melbourne will be required to attend the NCPS campus to undertake their exams.  Students in regional areas or interstate undertake their exams at an external venue such as another Navitas campus, school or university.

Can I study online and on campus?

Students can undertake units both online and on campus in the same trimester.  This is referred to as mixed-mode delivery.  This is simply a matter of selecting online and/or on campus tutorials during the enrolment process.  Studying in mixed-mode allows you to combine on campus and online study to create a schedule that fits your lifestyle.  You can select different modes of study for different units in a given trimester and you can change the mode of study you select when you enrol each trimester.

Technology required

All NCPS students need to have ready access to high-speed internet and an understanding of how to use the web and email in order to study at the College.  Familiarity with word processing programs such as Microsoft Word is also required for preparing and submitting assignments.

Learning tools

NCPS uses various online platforms and tools. Learning content and materials are available via the Learning Management System (Moodle) and can be accessed via the Student Portal (  Lecturers will provide students with unit guides, lecture notes, readings, assessment information and other materials and details that will aid learning.
The following web-based tools are used by NCPS to provide online learning:

  • Echo360 - this is used to record all lectures.  Students can access recordings via the online class spaces.  Generally, recordings become available up to 24 hours after a lecture has been recorded.
  • BlackBoard Collaborate - this is used to provide virtual classrooms in which tutorials are held.  Students log-in via their online class space.  Induction sessions for BlackBoard Collaborate are held in the week prior to, and in the first week of, trimester.

More information about both these tools and how to access the online class spaces can be found in the 'How to guides' at

Support for online study

The Navitas IT department is available for assistance regarding logging in, web-based tools, and other associated IT issues.  Their contact details and help guides are available on the NCPS student portal.