NCPS Privacy Statement

Declaration and Agreement to Terms

I give this declaration and agree to these terms in support of my application for enrolment in a course at NCPS.

I declare that I can produce to NCPS originals of all documentation relied on in support of this application and I agree to produce any such documentation to NCPS on request. I authorise NCPS to obtain any further information or records from any educational institution or recognised educational qualifications assessment body and to verify any information about my employment history that I have given to NCPS.

I agree that I have been given the opportunity to read the policies, procedures and terms set out in the NCPS Student Handbook available on-line at I agree to be bound and abide by the policies, procedures and terms set out in the NCPS Student Handbook, as amended from time to time, if I am accepted as a student at NCPS.

I understand that some NCPS courses require the completion of practical experience placements and that, if this is a requirement of my course, I will be required to complete all declarations, consents and checks required by law or otherwise reasonably required by NCPS, including a Working With Children Check declaration and consent and criminal record checks. If I am unable to provide all required and satisfactorily completed declarations, consents and checks as and when requested by NCPS, I will not be eligible to participate in practical experience placements and I understand that I will be unable to complete the course. I understand that, if NCPS is required by law or considers it appropriate for public policy reasons (including health and safety) to close any campus, NCPS may require on-campus students to receive tuition via online delivery.

I understand that NCPS, as an approved Higher Education Provider (HEP), is  required to collect the information on this form, and is doing so for the purpose of assessing my admission entitlement and entitlement to Commonwealth Assistance under the Higher Education Support Act 2003 and allocation of a Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN) to me; NCPS will disclose this information to The Department of Education for these purposes. The Department of Education will store the information securely in the Higher Education Information Management System, and may disclose the information to the Australian Tax Office and other designated authorities. NCPS and The Department of Education will not otherwise disclose the information without my consent unless required or authorised by law.

I declare that the information I have supplied on this form is complete, true and correct. I understand NCPS is relying on this declaration and agreement in making any decision regarding admission and that NCPS may change any such decision if this declaration in false.

*Navitas College of Public Safety (NCPS) is the trading name for Navitas Professional Institute


I acknowledge that I have read and accept the terms of your Privacy Policy