NCPS students award their college a ‘High Distinction’ in satisfaction survey

Posted by on 1 September 2016

The results from its annual student survey are in, with Navitas College of Public Safety (NCPS) rated 92.7 per cent for ‘overall student satisfaction’.

Alumni from 2015 were contacted to rate the college on Bachelor of Criminology and Justice course content and the Melbourne CBD campus facilities.

The survey also explored students’ opinions on overall course satisfaction, personal development and their views on college services and facilities, with results for each ranging between 79 and 93 per cent.

Students were asked to consider statements related to four core topics, with the following outcomes:

  • Fair and equitable treatment (87.5%)

  • Course is intellectually stimulating (91.3%)

  • Learned something valuable (90.3%)

  • Campus administration staff (95.2%)

Fast response to issues

Since collating replies the college has taken action in areas where respondents suggested there is room for improvement.

Issues raised on the academic side included a desire for more group work in class activities and for assessments to reflect common workplace practises in the field and prepare for employment.

There was also a call for balancing the units’ course workloads, which has been prioritised for discussion and monitoring by teachers and course coordinators.

Campus convenience and comfort was raised in feedback about student facilities. NCPS has now boosted its wi-fi signal with a hardware upgrade, and installed additional power outlets in classrooms for charging laptops and other devices. A student-only ‘bean-bag room’ has been created, for relaxing between classes.

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