NCPS students trying life on the ‘inside’ for a great cause

Posted by Navitas College of Public Safety on 28 May 2015

On Friday 29 May, two students from the Navitas College of Public Safety will be ‘locked up’ to raise awareness on the issue of youth neglect, homelessness and abuse in the national Bail Out event.

Bail Out started back in 2006 and the event has now grown into a truly national campaign which is run across 4 states throughout the month of May.  The City Watch House and Old Melbourne Goal are iconic venues that set the stage for a high quality unique event.

As a Bail Out inmate our NCPS students Johanna and Tanya will be exposed to life on the inside with activities that simulate prison life. Upon arrival, inmates are stripped of all possessions, given an inmate uniform, fingerprinted, photographed and shunned into the main exercise yard where they will be fed prison gruel. As part of the experience each inmate will also made to face a judiciary and have their case heard in the Old Magistrate's Court before being sentenced to some cell time.

Bail Out provides our NCPS students with a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of a young person that has been disconnected from our community due to abuse and neglect, drug addiction and poverty.

To get involved, participants (known as 'inmates') are required to 'register' online and 'raise' bail to secure their 'release'.  The minimum bail target that inmates must raise to participate in the official Bail Out events is set at $1,000.

“As Criminology and Justice students at Navitas College of Public Safety, raising awareness about the issues surrounding youth crime, homelessness, neglect and abuse is something that we believe needs to be expressed more throughout society. This issue is something that has motivated us with our career paths and what we will be dedicating our time to after the completion of our degree” said Johanna.

To help ‘bail out’ Johanna and Tanya you can donate through the Inmate profile page -

For more information on the Bail Out campaign click here.